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WordPress 1.5 (beta)

I’m now running a beta of WordPress 1.5 on my test blog. Specifically it’s a nightly build from earlier in the month, and while it’s only a beta, it seems to work fine apart from a couple of PHP errors in the upgrade script.
While I will reserve my final judgement for the proper 1.5 release, I will say that I am very impressed so far. incidentally I’m going to convert my existing WP 1.2 templates into WP1.5 themes to make them easier to install.


  1. I’m running WP1.5 (latest nightly) as a test blog and I’m extremely impressed, too. Looks like a huge leap forward.

  2. I’m using WP 1.5 (4th January build) as my main blog, the theme system is quite impressive… A huge leap over 1.2.2

  3. I was using 1.3 and happy with it. But when I switched to 1.5 I started having problems. I’m using WordPress to run multiple blogs at the same URL (with subdirectories). I have a problem with WordPress dropping the site admin subdirectory link and jumping up to the main directory admin link.
    (I’m not the only one. A few users are reporting the same problem. And I can see in the SQL database where the link is being dropped, but I’m not a programmer and I can’t figure out why it is being dropped.)
    Anyway, I think I’m going to wait for a more stable version of 1.5 before I switch. I think Dr. Dave makes some valid points about the current release scheme of 1.5 alpha.

  4. I keep getting a error that says:
    Your __SUBMTYPE_ was denied due to possible inappropriate or questionable content.
    Sorry. You filter won’t let me link to Dr. Dave. He’s at unknown genius com and the post was on the 14th. [Ed note: this is the article Chuck mentions]

  5. Yeah, sorry about that Chuck – overreactive spam filter. I’ve fixed that problem now and you should be able to link to it again. The filter is supposed to stop http://* domains but seemed to block * as well.

  6. I just switched over to 1.5 this weekend – it’s a huge leap up, imho. It’s a lot cleaner, and the templating system is great. Worth the effort. Plus, the nightlies are really stable – they’ve been hard at work and I haven’t had any trouble with them.