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Kubricks and Pieces

There’s going to be design funkiness for the next few hours, since I’m converting the HTML and CSS to be stylistically compatible with Kubrick. This means that deploying the template in WordPress would mean using Kubrick as a base and then just replacing the stylesheet.
This also means that I could offer Kubrick as an alternative style on here, but, and most importantly for me, it means that I can get rid of the float problems which have prevented me from putting a footer on here until now. 🙂
And as Andy has just reminded me (d’oh!), it’s my third bloggiversary today. Three years…
Update: I haven’t finished this – unfortunately I heard the call of a public house and had to go and stay in it for a while, so quite a few of the pages will look very odd right now. I’ll finish the job tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday. I think I’m in my third year of my domain, but I had a few me Trovster titled sites before that. I’m in development of version 8 at the moment!

  2. Looks like you’ve lost layout when viewing the page that contains the entry and the comments.

  3. Three years? Congratulations! Looking forward to the new design when you eventually get back from the pub… 😉

  4. Three years, that quite some time! So, happy blogging birthday 🙂