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Year in Review, by Entries

Here’s a meme that I found via Meredith – you copy the first sentence from the first post you made in each month last year and paste it here, to get an overview of what you were talking about over the year. Here’s mine:
January: There’s a certain pleasure in knowing that you were one of the first people to find something that later becomes really popular.
February: Via Google Weblog comes some screenshots of Google’s new look.
March: I’ve mentioned this now and again over the past few months but I’m now only checking my old address roughly weekly, since barely anyone emails it now and it was getting spammed to hell.
April: According to Reuters (and many other sources), GMail really isn’t an April Fools Joke.
May: April went far too quickly for my liking.
June: Let it be said now, I am really not enjoying revision.
July: CNet has an interesting article about how Kazaa is losing users.
August: In the comments for a post about the new features of MT3.1 one of the comments that was made by Carthik Sharma is that MT doesn’t have RSS feeds for comments.
September: One new feature of Mozilla 1.7.x which has saved me from going completely insane these past couple of days has been FTP Upload.
October: Having recently re-opened an old Scrapie mailbox (and receiving all the spam that comes with it), I found I was subscribed to a mailing list for
November: Tesco have recently redesigned their web site.
December: In case you can’t see it in the photo, that’s my alarm clock, set to go off at 5am tomorrow.
I don’t know how much that tells you about this last year for me but it was interesting to do anyway. incidentally I posted on the first day of every month last year.


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  4. It sounds like you have as many e-mail addresses as I do! 🙂

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  7. Yes, I do have quite a few – 7 off the top of my head, plus a potentially infinite number of aliases. All but one of those is checked regularly.

  8. Hello!
    I would like to post two remarks.
    1) It IS possible to remove service pack two
    2) Although gmail is still under development it looks as a promising e-mail standard

  9. Did people really think that gmail was an april fool’s joke? Hah!

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