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I’m now back in Bradford, and currently on a Wifi connection in one of the union’s bars. This is beacuse there’s no internet in the house at the moment. Or rather there is but the computer we’re using as a router for the network isn’t all there, and won’t be until my housemate gets back this evening. So this is probably the only chance I’ll have before then to check my email and what-have-you.
We’re also without TV. The strong winds of late appear to have knocked our aerial off target (or off altogether, we’re not sure), so we’ve lost all of our digital channels. On analogue, BBC1 sort-of works (you can get sound and a fuzzy picture) but that’s it. That’ll take longer to fix as it’s the landlord’s responsibility and he doesn’t have a particularly stellar record of fixing stuff quickly.
Other than that, everything’s okay. Considering term doesn’t start at university until next week, campus is surprisingly busy.
incidentally, when I logged on to the Wifi cloud, I got this message (emphasis theirs):

You must not use this service to download and/or share music, films and other copyrighted material. We have received a number of complaints from representatives of various copyright holders who know that ResNet and RoamNet are being used for such purposes! We will fully comply with any legally valid requests for information about those who are violating copyright. In the meantime we are contacting individually, those who we have had specific complaints about to discuss the situation.

Right. Does that include material where we own the copyright, or where the copyright license permits sharing and distribution? Hmmm.

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