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URL Patterns

If you’re using MT-Blacklist and haven’t been keeping up with the Comment Spam Clearinghouse lately, then you may not have had the chance to pepper your blacklist with some useful URL patterns. These block specific terms from being used in URLs in comments on your site – so for example, an URL patten called ‘ringtones’ would stop someone from posting the URL , but wouldn’t stop an innocent comment talking about them.
Unfortunately, while normal strings are added automatically via the auto-update function, URL patterns are not. So, I present my list of URL patterns that you should consider blocking. Some of them are very nasty words so they’re in the extended portion of this entry.

Strings to block:

incest, casino, penis, viagra, poker, hentai, incest, blackjack, roulette, gambling, adult, amateur, celebrity, debt, xxx, ambien\b, sex.*animal, animal.*sex, beastiality, ring?tones, zoofilia, butalbital, malenudecelebs, shemale
‘ambien/b’ is needed so that that the word ‘ambient’ is not blocked, and ‘ring?tones’ matches ‘ringtones’ as well as ‘ring-tones’.

Strings to moderate

hard, porn, cheap, discount, pills, zoo, teen, sex, fuck, sex, dog, horse, farm, animal, rape, financing, mortgage


I also have, and set to moderate, as well as \\.info and \\.biz which block out domains using the .biz and .info TLDs since these are more likely to be spam than legitimate. Don’t block them outright though.
One downside to moderating strings is that, while comments containing those strings will indeed be moderated, trackbacks will be blocked altogether. As such, I’m afraid any users of Blog*Spot or those who have blogs at .info domains will be unable to send me trackback pings directly. This is not a bug in MT-Blacklist, rather it’s a limitation in Movable Type, since it doesn’t yet allow trackbacks to be moderated. From what I can gather, WordPress does support moderation of trackbacks and pingbacks, so maybe it’s time MT caught up in this regard.


  1. I keep getting hit by geocities recently, and have added them to my list as well.

  2. I too have added geocities. I got a bunch of ping spam from there. Of course it is set to moderate.

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