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Creative Commies T-Shirt

Creative Commies T-Shirt How cool is this t-shirt? If you’ve been reading BoingBoing lately, you’ll know what it’s about, but basically Bill Gates, in an interview with CNet, described people who are against intellectual property and over-strict copyright legislation as ‘communists’ (Dan Gillmor has some good analysis of this). So, naturally, there are various desktop wallpapers and buttons for us ‘creative commies’ (which in this case, is short for ‘commonists’, not ‘communists’), and now, t-shirts.
Not only are they cool, but they’re a bargain too – $5 ($6 if you need a huge one), plus $5 for shipping anywhere in the world. I’ve just ordered mine. 🙂
Update: Here’s a Wired News article on the subject.


  1. I don’t think accepting Bill Gates labeling us all as communists is such a good idea. Most of us are quite clearly not, as you’ve demonstrated, and it’s just going to give people the wrong impression. Open Source will never get anywhere in America if people see it as unpatriotic.
    Far better to fight it with a copyleft symbol decorated with stars and stripes (or the union jack).

  2. Cool. Thankfully you can pay via Paypal and as I had some cash in it I ordered one.

  3. Creative Commies T-Shirt

    While chatting with Neil yesterday, he pointed me to this Creative Commies T-Shirt web page. I just had to buy a shirt, its PayPal’able to boot. Not only are they cool, but they’re a bargain too – $5 ($6 if…

  4. This is totally OT but i went to that wired news article and it they had the most irritating flash ad ever! Seriously, i want to get a gun out and shoot myself.
    It was for a ring tone site, had some inane alien “ba ba ba” sound, and i was blasting music out at the time.
    Ugh, sometimes i really hate life. And shame on wired for carrying such things