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  1. I also have 4 invites. Email koldark+gmail at (you should know the domain)

  2. I have 8 invites sitting in my box. Email to newintentions at the Gmail domain to get one.

  3. Seems like everyone has a gmail account, and everyone still has spare invites available! I have 5 and have had them for ages now. They’ve added some cool features a lot which I haven’t even used. I might set up the pop3 access soon, but I like the web interface and because I only really use one address I don’t need them synced. The searchable feature has come in handy and I like the fact it’s got an RSS feed of new emails.
    I would like to be able to check them on my Series60 phone though. But the POP account requires advanced configuring, such as changing ports, which can’t be done by the default email client on my Nokia. The RSS feed might come in handy for anyone to make on though.

  4. If anyone wants an easy way to get rid of invites check out the Gmail Account Spooler. I’ve got rid of around 30 invites using it!

  5. I’m still sending all mine to the gmail spooler, they’re now taking a while to be used. Looking at the graphs there’s been a big increase in number of invites too – if it wasn’t for the fact that everything at google is in beta for ever I’d agree it’s due to be released.
    Trovster:- Pop3 – why use gmail if you want pop3? IMAP maybe. RSS – I’m sticking to the firefox alerter. Mobile –, but you have to trust them not to steal your account details – there are other scripts you can put on your own server but that uses your own bandwidth.

  6. Lord Rich: Gmail offers POP3 and not IMAP. I’d leave the messages on the server, therefore acting as IMAP. RSS which is a form of XML is probably being used by the Firefox alerter! But I prefer the gmail notifier in the system tray to the firefox alerter.
    I’ll check out the stuff.

  7. plz plz plz plz plz… i beg u all… can u plz give me a gmail invitation… i heard so much abt gmail and none of my friend know abt gmail so i tell u… plz can u send me a gmail invitation!!!! thank you