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Miscellaneous changes

Made a few changes here lately which I thought I’d share with you.

  1. The Christmas background is gone, for obvious reasons. At the moment I don’t know if I’ll replace it with anything, although I may look into having something subtle like before since it makes the content area stand out more. Any suggestions are welcome.
  2. New TypeKey icons, shown when someone posts a comment with their TypeKey account. It’s a simple task of replacing nav-commenters.gif in the blog base directory with a new image, which in my case is a slightly altered version of the Speech icon in Control Panel on Windows XP.
  3. My comments are now highlighted. I’ve seen this elsewhere (such as on Mezzoblue and SimpleBits). In this case, it checks to see if my TypeKey account was used to make the comment, and if so, it applies a different <div> class to the comment. It also automatically pastes in a copy of my Gravatar stored locally, rather than contacting to fetch it, which is probably a good thing as (AFAIK) I’m the most frequent commenter here.
  4. The Smaller World digests in the RSS feed now have less cruft – a simple ‘#’ character which links to the entry on here rather than the category and comments link. It made the digests look very cramped. Sometimes you can have too much metadata.
  5. Blogroll has been updated. No removals but a few additions. If you know I read your blog and you’re not on there then have patience as if you’re consistently worth reading you may be added in the next update, whenever that is.
  6. And another one added today (Wednesday) – I’ve fixed the JavaScript issues with TypeKey, and done away with one of the JavaScript code blocks which has been replaced with PHP. Now, if you’ve saved your details in a cookie, PHP inserts the details directly into the page, rather than them being appended by JavaScript after the page has loaded.


  1. Good changes Neil. 🙂
    I just passed here to say that Weblog Awards 2005 is open.

  2. As always Neil your site is bang on the money when it comes to design! I just wish I had as much time to spend on mine as you do on yours, although I am starting to post again!

  3. So are you going to be posting that code for use as well to use?

  4. Yes, in due course. I’m going to tidy up the PHP-Typekey code a bit too and add support for compulsory registration.