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Scarborough Today was spent in the coastal resort of Scarborough, where I took these photos. It wasn’t a great day weather-wise; we did get some sunshine but it was mostly dull, cold and very windy. Consequently I decided to forego the traditional seaside ice cream cone since I was already cold enough.
Considering this was a public holiday and in the middle of winter, there was quite a lot open and quite a few people about. Most of the attractions were shut until the tourist season starts at Easter but most of the shops, pubs and arcades were open for business. Still, I think Scarborough is best experienced in the summer. It’s certainly much, much warmer and considerably less windy.


  1. Still, I think Scarborough is best experienced in the summer.

    Unless you have the misfortunate to fall in the water in Peasholm Park :(.

    I do agree that Scarborough is a nice place to visit though, as we’ve had a number of holiday’s there. I still think one of the best things is the Naval Warfare battle in Peasholm Park, and one year we saw a stage version of the old Children’s Program “Run the Risk” with Peter Simon when we were down.

  2. My Dad used to work in Scarborough when I was younger so I’ve got found memories of the place. Tell me you ahd some fish and chips though?

  3. No fish and chips 🙁 . But we did have lunch at The Golden Ball in the Harbour.

  4. best in winter as there are no restrictions for dogs on the beach