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With the situation worsening so quickly in the Indian Ocean, I decided that instead of waiting until Sunday to get a full week’s revenue, I’d use the first four days’ revenues as a benchmark and then calculated how much I would’ve earned this week and then donated that (topped up with some of my own money) today. I have therefore just made a donation of £35 to the British Red Cross.
It isn’t a lot of money although it is quite a significant amount for me personally – equivalent to just under a week’s spending. However, if we all donated something – no matter how small – collectively we can make a difference.


  1. Neil, how did you pick the British Red Cross? I really want to donate but I’m still trying to pick a charity. Maybe I’m too cynical but I don’t want to pick a charity that is going to waste a load of my money on administration.
    DEC seems a good place to send my money though.

  2. Apple and Google have lists of relief organizations you can donate to.
    I personally chose the American Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

  3. DEC are collecting on behalf of all major charities, so they’re probably the best bet. I’m off to donate there now in fact.

  4. Aceh Need Your Help

    I’m aware of many individuals, countries, and corporations already donating money, services and goods to all countries involved in the earthquake and resulting tsunami and that’s just wonderfull.