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Beware the Bloke From Dixons

Beware the Bloke From Dixons, for he may offer bad advice.
Remember the DAB radio that my Dad got that didn’t work? Well, we took it back to Dixons today, on account of the fact that we could only get it to work in one part of one room in the house. The radio also had FM as well as DAB and that didn’t work properly either – no matter where it was in the house it would pick up inteference that no other radio we had could detect, even the ones that were 25 years old or more.
The bloke in Dixons who tried to help us wasn’t the usual spotty 18 year old who has no idea what he’s on about – rather he was a balding 50-something who had not much of an idea what he was on about. He was adamant that the radio was mostly fine, and probably just had an FM problem – according to him, the reason why we had no DAB reception was because we were out of the reception area. This was unlikely as we’re not far from a major trunk road, on flat land and not near any tall buildings, and we already get very good analog radio and TV reception.
Anyhow, we finally managed to convince him that we needed another DAB radio, this time going for a Pure Elan radio. We took it home, turned it on and – whaddya know – we got perfect recepetion. The signal wasn’t strong enough for some of the commercial stations or for BBC Radio Leeds, but we got all of the national BBC stations and the likes of Classic FM and TalkSport with an average of 95% signal strength.
So, beware the Bloke From Dixons. He may give you wrong advice. In my experience, the best thing to do with both digital radio and TV is to buy the set-top box or receiver and get assurance from the shop that you can take it back if it won’t work for you (even if the device itself is fine), then try it for yourself. If it works, keep it, otherwise take it back and get a refund. I’ve done that before with a digibox from Tesco.


  1. Beware of Dixons Coverplan guarantee.I bought a Phillips DVD recorder from Dixons. The salesman convinced me it would be wise to take Dixons extended Coverplan guarantee which i did. After about 14 months it developed a fault,and i returned it to Currys for repair. After five weeks they said it was ready for me to collect. I Went to collect it and it was damaged and badly marked, so i refused to accept it, and they said they would return it to Phillips. I first handed it in to Currys the 02/10/2005. I am still waiting for coverplan to stick to their agreement and issue me with vouchers to get a new DVD. as i have now been without my DVD over 3 months.

  2. Never but anything at Dixons…Do so at your peril..