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I have decided that, given the worsening of the situation in the Indian ocean, all profits received from the advertising on this site from Sunday until the end of this week will be donated to the British Red Cross. The UN are now saying that this may have been worse than any disaster from the 20th century.
Nick Bradbury is also donating revenues from TopStyle and FeedDemon to the International Red Cross.


  1. Asia-Pacific Disaster

    As of today, the revenue generated from the ads on this blog [Kanstyx] will be donated to the British Red Cross in aid of the disaster in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

  2. Tsunami Help Blog

    Tsunami Help Blog launched

  3. I’ve given quite some money to the Belgian help consortium Tsunami 12-12. If any people living in Belgium read this, _please_ consider making a donation. Just send your money to 000-0000012-12 with the mention “Tsunami 12-12”.
    For more information, please read