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  1. I’ve got some relatives who are about an hours flying time from where it happened. They’ve cancelled, of course 🙂

  2. I have also decided to follow the events too. I have been using the BBC’s broadband news service to follow along in video. It’s very useful.

  3. Exactly one year to the hour after the Bam, Iran earthquake killed 26,000. So maybe what eBay are selling is HAARP equipment from America?

  4. Yeah wow, it shook up my folks, like they are almost ready to come to Florida of all places. Not cool, we had the big blows this year, and noone got off either.

  5. I have a mate who lost 7 childhood friends and 10 family friends in Thailand. Another mate lost his 4 month old son, mother and sister-in-law. One of my mates is missing in Indonesia.
    It’s just terrible.

  6. Amusing eBay Google Ads

    BoingBoing and a load of other bloggers have been collating daft eBay ads.