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Cat Pictures!

I’ve realised that in the (nearly) three years that I’ve been blogging, I don’t think I’ve ever posted cat pictures. So, here we go:
Ben Thurston
The cat on the left is called Ben and he belongs to my cousin and her husband, who I was visiting today. The cat on the right is Thurston, who belongs to my auntie and uncle, and was also visiting.
Unfortunately cats don’t go well with my asthma and so we’ve never had them at home – I’ve had to make do with hamsters.
Update: More cat pictures! Here’s another one of Ben and one of Thurston.


  1. well, let’s see those hamsters then!

  2. Erm… they’re dead.
    I’m sure I’ve got some old photos of them somewhere though – I could scan them in.

  3. CATS ROCK. You should post more.

  4. FlickIt would make these posts much easier! 🙂 If you wanna know what FlickIt is, look it up on Google, Flickr or any of my sites.

  5. Love those names. Cats do seem to get the weird names. My childhood cat was Barklay. Thanks, by the way, for donating the earnings from your site (per Daisy).

  6. OMG my cat BamBam has been stolen and named Thurston??!!! Freaky!