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Hope you are all having a good Christmas! I got lots of presents this morning, including:

My dad also got a DAB digital radio, although it only gets a digital signal upstairs for some reason (and even then can’t pick up all the channels), which is a pity because he wanted to have it in the kitchen.Update: It would appear that the radio itself is actually faulty – it also has FM and while every other radio in the house gets perfect reception this one seems to pick up inteference from somewhere.
My grandparents got a Freeview digibox and a DVD player, along with some DVDs to go with it.


  1. My mum got a dab radio. hehe. Seems to be the Christmas gadget this year (after mp3 walkmans and digital cameras naturally).
    Funny you say that about the signal though. We get a perfect reception, and strong according to the radio. Which is surprising because we live in the deep ravine valley that is Sheffield. Usually we’re the last place on earth to pick up good receptions.
    For instance Freeview is a big “Sorry” for our postcode, even if you hoisted up the biggest aerial on earth you still wouldn’t pick it up.

  2. Doing fine over here. But then I had my presents yesterday already, as we celebrate the German way.
    Sorry to hear that your Dad can’t get good enough DAB reception, I’m already missing it and I’m only going to be here for a few days. DAB is the way to go! At least I can get BBC 6 Music over the web, that helps.

  3. Looks like I spoke too soon! Cool stuff there, Neil.

  4. I know I’m behind the times, but I’m so proud of my new MP3 player 😀
    Now to work the damn thing out….
    I guess it’ll be a DAB Christmas next year 😉

  5. I really like the look of that watch you got. What make is it?

  6. Quack: It’s from Next.
    MRKisThatKid: Have you tried this tool for checking your reception?
    It’ll tell you what channels you are likely to be able to pick up. Freeview’s checker often says “Sorry” if you can’t receive some of the channels, but in fact the majority work fine. This is the situation in my house in Bradford, which is on the side of a valley. Bradford is notorious for having poor reception; I’m guessing Sheffield might be the same.
    The best thing to do is buy a cheap digibox and keep the receipt (and make sure the shop will return it), then plug it in and see what happens. If you get nothing then take it back, otherwise, enjoy the extra channels! 🙂

  7. Now that’s interesting. Every July (Dad’s birthday) and Christmas I check to see whether Freeview/DAB radio is available in the Welsh valleys and it’s always a big fat no. The local electronics shop weren’t much help (had to explain what DAB radio was) so it might be worth a bit of further investigation.