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Christmas in the Turner Household

So tomorrow, it’s Christmas Eve, as most of you are probably aware (I’d be worried if you weren’t).

Christmas Eve means a small family invasion, with various members from my father’s side of the family coming over for an afternoon meal and then my grandparents staying here until Boxing Day.
On Christmas Day itself we’ll be opening presents, as is the British/American tradition, before tucking into Christmas dinner. We’re not a turkey household – my mum doesn’t like it and my dad and I both think it’s a bit bland (and besides, I eat it several times a week since it’s cheaper than chicken and when it’s coated in sauce it’s hard to tell the difference). So instead, we’ve got a pork joint from a very good local pig farmer. I’ve also been assured that there will be no sprouts, since I hate the damn things. There will, of course, be Christmas cake.
Boxing Day, which Americans will know as ‘the day after Christmas Day’ but in Britain is actually a public holiday (and Canada too, I think), will be spent with the family over near Hull, assuming that there’s not a heavy snowfall and the roads aren’t blocked.
Quite what’s happening on the Monday remains to be seen but on Tuesday my father hits the grand old age of 60 so we’re getting together with even more members of the family, plus a few friends, and having a meal in town.
So that’s basically our Crimbo for this year, should it interest you. Depending on how things go I’ll either be posting very lightly over the next few days while I spend time with my relatives, or be posting incessantly while I escape from them. Let’s hope it’s the former.


  1. Technically, Boxing Day is the first weekday after Christmas Day, so it’s actually on the 27th this year. [Although that does seem to depend on where you look it up — I tend to use the OED as the definitive reference.] The 26th is St Stephen’s Day, in honour of the first Christian martyr — on this everyone agrees — and hence Boxing Day usually coincides with St Stephen’s Day, but not this year. So even though the day after Christmas Day is a Sunday, we still get a Bank Holiday on the Monday as Boxing Day — yay! 🙂

  2. In Ireland we never refer to it as Boxing Day, we always call it St. Stephen’s Day. It’s a bank holiday here too though.

  3. Whatever it’s called, I wish you a great one :-0))

  4. In Poland we don’t have any special names for the day after Christmas. It’s just the 2nd day of xmas. Today, we will have a Christmas Eve. We’re eating supper with our family. After the meal we open our presents and sing some christmas songs. On Christmas Day we usually go to our grandma for the dinner. On the secound day of Christmas we usally go to the mountains with our friends.
    Marry Xmas to everyone !