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Pipers Crisps

If you ever have the chance to try Pipers Crisps then I’d encourage you to get your hands on some. I had a packet of salt and cider vinegar flavour on the train back from London last Sunday and they were great – full of flavour. They’re made from local Lincolnshire potatoes, are hand-cooked and use only natural ingredients.
GNER sell them on their trains, but you can also order them from their web site. If there’s a crisp-lover in your family then I’m sure they’ll make a good stocking filler. 🙂
(For the confused Americans reading this: crisps are potato chips)


  1. They sound a lot like Kettle Chips. In which case, you might be interested in something I posted a few days ago: according to the US Food and Drugs Administration, Kettle Chips are extremely high in acrylamide, an alleged carcinogen.

  2. Yes, I read that. Pipers don’t seem to make the same silly claims as Kettle Chips do, thankfully.

  3. this has nothing to do with it but i am replying to this:
    “I have a bottle of off-the-shelf cough syrup, which is great for relieving coughs and sore throats. It’s also honey and lemon flavour, so it actually tastes nice too. Its active ingredient is glycerin.
    Anyway, I was in the shower this afternoon (see below) and happened to notice that the shampoo I was using also contained glycerin. The concept of putting cough syrup on my hair amused me slightly, but the inverse – the concept of shampoo being in my cough syrup – was somewhat less than savoury.”
    glycerin is fat…its in lots of things, even you…claiming that there’s shampoo in you would be bonkers..just coz it’s in shampoo doesnt mean it IS shampoo- there was not shampoo in your cough syrup, shampoo also contains water…is 2/3 of the earth covered with shampoo?