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Movable Type 3.14

No idea where 3.13 went, but Movable Type 3.14 has been released. This is the official version of MTpi that I’ve been running for the past few days. If you’re using any version of MT, please upgrade, as it’ll save your server from being driven into the ground during a spam attack.


  1. Kind of weird that the version number of the official release is lower than that of the test build, isn’t it? 😉

  2. MT 3.14

    Nueva versión de Movable Type.

  3. i’m still on the 2 version after all the fuss on the licence changes in 3….not sure whether to upgrade, but not been hit by spamemrs much yet either.

  4. We decided to skip 3.13 for two reasons: 13 is an unlucky number and Pi!!! The beta version was 3.14159. For the general release, we just rounded it to two significant digits.
    Andy, if you’re still on MT 2.x because of the silly licensing brouhaha, you’re missing out on a lot of features and protection for nothing. If it’s about paying, there is a free version. If you don’t fit in the license terms of the free version, download the free version to test it out. You’ll then understand how that version will actually save you money in the long run in terms of time spent. Unless of course you don’t value your time…

  5. Still, if someone has a repository of past MT versions, beta or otherwise, the higher number indicates it’s a more recent — and thus, one would hope, better — version. Kind of messes up the order to go back on yourselves.
    And it’s bad luck to be superstitious. 😉

  6. Yeah well, what can we do? Not ideal, I know. The whole thing was originally a joke about have a three-decimal bug fix (3.121). In the end, we decided that it would be better for everyone to have no more than two.
    Unless of course we have to issue another set of bug releases in which case it will be 3.141, then 3.1415, then …. 😉

  7. It’s been done: that’s how the versions of TeX are numbered (and METAFONT uses the digits of e). 🙂