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Royale theme for Windows XP

Screenshot of the 'Royale' theme for Windows XP Today I tried out Royale, an official theme for Windows XP that is floating around on t’internet. It’s designed for XP Media Centre Edition but will also work on plain vanilla Windows XP. I got my copy from but there will be plenty of other sites that have it.

It’s a bit shinier than Luna, the name of the normal blue and green theme in XP (also known as ‘Tellytubby’ or ‘Fisher Price’ by some), and has somewhat more squared-off edges on the various Windows controls. It’s also a little darker.

Personally I prefer Luna – there isn’t a high level of contrast between the text and the background on buttons and title bars making them a little more difficult to read, even with ClearType enabled, and it was a bit too dark for me. But if you’re bored of Luna and want a change I suppose it’s worth checking out.

One Comment

  1. I’ve never liked the Luna skin, it’s way to “in your face” for me. The blue was way to bright, however, that one looks pretty nice. Though I don’t think I could get away from the grey and straight lines of the 2k/98 style.
    I just installed XP on my parents machine, I asked them which design they wanted, old or new, for both the skin and start menu… guess which they wanted for both… the old one.
    I did find a nice skin with one of the skinning packages, StyleXP, called Community. I’d recommend it.