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Odds and Sods

I should probably create a ‘miscellany’ category, but for now here’s a series of bullet points about my life right now.

  • I’m back home in York now for Christmas. It’ll be the longest time I’ve spent at home since July time, having spent most of the summer in Bradford and only going home briefly during term time.
  • The new mouse I bought turned out to be PS/2 only, which means it’s useless to me because I don’t have PS/2 on my machine. The fact that it was an ‘OEM’ mouse probably should have sent alarm bells ringing, but oh well. Anyway, my dad’s taking that and I’ve bought a (cheaper) optical mouse that’s definitely USB off eBay. My dad will take the PS/2 one as his laptop has a PS/2 port and the mouse he’s using at the moment doesn’t even have a scroll-wheel. How Mac users survive without scroll wheels, I don’t know.
  • I also bought a new phone battery for my mum’s 3310 off eBay, since hers is having difficulty holding charge. £3 including postage and packing.
  • In case you missed it, Trillian 3 has now been released. incidentally the Basic and Pro editions actually use the same executable, but you need to sign-in to your Trillian Pro account to activate the Pro features. This has the bonus side effect in that if the authentification for the account is down, you can still run the program in Basic mode – prior versions would lock you out entirely.
  • I still reckon you could bypass the account verification and access the Pro features by using a specially-configured Proxy server. But then Trillian Pro is a good program and I’m happy to pay for it to support its development.
  • One advantage of being at home is being able to use my parents’ computer with their sublime 17″ LCD monitor. Since we have separate user accounts I can customise my account to my heart’s content without it affecting theirs. Currently I have my iPod Mini plugged in and I’m using Winamp and ml_ipod to listen to songs from it. It’s great to have my music collection available in such a portable way.
  • No major plans for this week – haircut on Wednesday, since as anyone who has seen me recently will testify it badly needs cutting. It was last done in September.
  • It’s now been a year since I signed up for hosting from DIYHost and I’m still with them. Their service has been good and I’m happy to stick with them for another year. My package has plenty of expansion room so unless I somehow end up on the blogging A-list or start podcasting I’ll be fine for some time yet.

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  1. A little off topic, but nice looking site in Lynx. 🙂 I needed something to do while waiting for Gnome to emerge!