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Movable Type 3.14159

I’m now running Movable Type 3.14159, a test build of MT which applies some performance fixes when dealing with comment spam that I summarised here.
And yes, the version number is equal to Pi. Just goes to show that even after having a very hard week the Six Apart team still have their sense of humour intact.


  1. I’ve switched my blog over to WordPress. MT was good, but WP is AWESOME! Mark Jaquith helped me with the conversion process.

  2. The pedantic mathematician in me needs to point out that 3.14159 is not equal to pi, but approximates pi to five decimal places. 😉

  3. David, I feel you are wrong.
    pi is EXACTLY 3.
    If you feel otherwise, please post the full value of pi for everybody else to check. Failure to post your complete version of the value of pi will mean that you accept that pi is exactly 3.

  4. Richy C, I can do better than that. If you check the about page on my site, you’ll see a photo which shows I’ve got the entire value of pi thoroughly ingrained in me. Or on me, at least. 😛