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I’ve found a passable solution to the problem of getting a web server running with PHP and MySQL in as little time as possible – phpdev. It bundles Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl and phpMyAdmin in one handy package and doesn’t need much configuring once installed – all I needed to do was to install the package and then configure my firewall not to accept connections from outside hosts.
I say it’s a “passable” solution because the package is 3 years old and as such includes old and insecure versions of Apache and PHP. To use this on a real server would be very unwise, but for testing purposes it’s not bad. I am in the process of updating the version of phpMyAdmin to the latest version since I find it easier to use (and its prettier 🙂 ).
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  1. WAMP server is up to date…
    Works really well for me doing local development.

  2. The PHPEclipse install/download guide encourages you to use a similar php/mysql/apache package called wampp but i’m like you, i just don’t trust old versions of server software. Although i do find that the latest versions of everything don’t seem to get on well together. I still haven’t managed to get the eclipse php debugger to work with php 5.0.2 Humph.

  3. I use XAMPP from . It works well, lets you easily switch between PHP 4 and PHP 5 and has versions for both Windows and Linux.
    It is very easy to install, and comes with lots of other goodies such as PHPMyAdmin, and various PECL libraries, sample code, PEAR libraries, etc.

  4. My friend has XAMP installed on his box for local development. Seemed pretty easy to install.

  5. I can highly recommend wamp5, which has a very nice plugin that allows you to switch between PHP4 & PHP5 from the taskbar without a reboot. Really simple install, Zend Optimizer and nice interface. I actually have mine running off a USB drive, works good and portable.