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More Miscellany

You could say this is a sequel to Sunday’s Miscellaneous. It’s another collection of things that are happening in my life right now.

  • Once I’ve read all my feeds and emails, I’m going to finish off the PHP system I’ve been working on. It has to be done tonight and whether I go out or not is dependent on me finishing it. If I don’t go out, it’ll be the third successive Friday that I’ve stayed in.
  • That said, I had a really good night out on Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday I did a short presentation on viruses and worms to the rest of the final year Computing students. I just did a general overview, and then related them to the Computer Misuse Act 1990, which was the general theme for the session; all the other presentations were related to it. I got 70% for it, so it can’t be bad.
  • I also got 70% for the assignment that I posted last week. I lost marks because I didn’t really point out how silly the use of JavaScript for some of the internal links is, especially considering that in many cases normal links would work fine and be more accessible.
  • Bradford Council have now decided we don’t owe them any council tax (we’re all full-time students) and have sent as an exemption certificate. Previously they’d demanded money of us and given us 3 weeks to pay it. So that’s £500 less we have to pay out.
  • If Movable Type’s your thing, check out Planet Movable Type, which aggregates various sites that post about MT. My Movable Type category is syndicated through that.
  • Going down to London to see The Darkness tomorrow, then spending the night with a friend in Bracknell. Should be good, although it means I can’t do any work this weekend.
  • Season 3 of Family Guy arrived from I’ll watch it when I have some free time and have finished with Season 2.

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