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FridayQ: Routine

Describe your morning routine on work/school days, from the time you wake up until you leave.

Usually I wake up at 8am, switch my laptop on, check my emails and read a few blogs for 20 minutes, then have a shower, get dressed and leave at around 10 to 9. Today is an exception though – I’m going in at 10 to 10.

Now describe your morning routine on NON-work/school days (weekends, holidays, etc.).

It varies, but usually I’ll wake up at whatever time and then kill time on the internet until about half-elevenish when I’ll have a shower and then get dressed. The time I wake up is usually dependent on what happened the previous night.

And finally, describe your night-time routine before you go to bed.

Have a quick wash and clean my teeth, lock the door to my room, do one last check of my email and then shut down my laptop, then change into my pyjamas and go to bed.

FQ FANTASY: You’ve won 100 million (US) dollars in the lottery! Re-write your morning routine one month from now!

Actually, it’d probably be the same. Knowing me I’d have invested most of it and then giving some to charity. That said, I might consider somewhere nicer and more expensive to live next year.

One Comment

  1. Oh, come on Neil. US$100 million and you’d just invest it? Use some imagination! I mean with exchange rates, that’s like almost £1,000!
    Sucks to be us… 😛