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Download Trillian 3

It appears you can now download Trillian 3. Previously you needed to be part of the tester team, or a Pro user – now it would appear that now the free version is available for everyone.
I’ve only used Trillian Pro 3 Alpha but if that’s anything to go by then it should be very good. I’ve had a few problems with TP3 crashing on shutdown but recent updates have prevented this from happening and the program now seems to work fine.
While I’m on the subject, check out Trillian Anywhere, which seems to give instructions for creating a fully-working build of Trillian that can be run from a USB pen drive, like Portable Firefox. Very cool…
Update: Here’s a piece from Cerulean’s blog about it. Looks like the final release of 3 is not far off now 🙂 .

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