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Browser Stats

I’ve got out of the habit of publishing regular monthly statistics, but look at these browser stats for the past 10 days:

Web browsers used on
Browser nameHitsPercentage
MS Internet Explorer9311646.7 %
Firefox6077330.5 %
Unknown2173310.9 %
Mozilla67833.4 %
Netscape44712.2 %
Safari39902 %
NetNewsWire36031.8 %
Opera33431.6 %
Konqueror3080.1 %

Now while it’s fair to say that I do blog a lot about Mozilla stuff and therefore will have more than average numbers of users with Mozilla-based browsers, however those figures are higher than they’ve ever been. Back in May, users of Mozilla-based browsers only accounted for 25%. Here’s the statistics by rendering engine:

Rendering Engines used on
Engine nameHitsPercentage
Trident (MSIE)9229046.3 %
Gecko (Mozilla)7146436 %
WebCore (Safari)39902 %
Opera33431.6 %
Tasman (MSIE Mac)8260.4%
KHTML (Konqueror)3080.1 %

The percentages have been higher in previous months but this month has been a ‘normal’ month so far with no major Mozilla-related posts to skew the statistics.


  1. Hrmph, looks like I haven’t hit reload often enough, otherwise you’d have an interesting browser in that list 😉

  2. > Interwebthingy Exploder 8.0000001 (standards compatible; W3C 4.01; [en-GB])
    Hmmm. Yes…

  3. Grrrrr – I just realised that I’d had Opera down to identify as MSIE 6.0 for some reason. That’s thrown off your results by a few marks at least. LOL.

  4. Hmmm.

  5. Hey you guys got a cool site. [Great stats]