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10 year predictions

Somehow I missed this Guardian story about how some predictions made by the paper have come true, or not. I actually remember the supplement from 10 years ago which made the predictions, because it was made out of plastic rather than paper – the idea being that it was harder to tear and wouldn’t get soggy in the rain. It was also much smaller than even a tabloid, and while it’s true that the Indy and the Times have shrunk (with the Guardian also shrinking soon), they’re not yet that small. Alas, I didn’t keep my copy.
Some of their predictions were very wrong – William Hague to be chancellor, for example – but some were quite accurate, such as the problem with film piracy that evidently is a problem these days. They even predicted that Arnold Swarzenegger would become Governor of California, that journalists would routinely include their email addresses at the end of their articles, and that the minimum wage would be introduced in the UK.
It’s pretty impressive, and a credit to the journalists who put it together. incidentally one of them was Danny O’Brien who is still in journalism today.
[Found via Kottke]

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