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Still feeling the thunder

While I’ve been using Thunderbird for over a year now, what hadn’t quite occurred to me was just how much over a year I’d been using it for. Turns out I switched in June 2003 – almost 18 months ago. Thunderbird, at this point, wasn’t even at version 0.1.
It’s great to see how the client has matured over that time, and turned from a good enough client (version 0.1) to something that truly rocks (version 1.0). If you’re still using Outlook Express – why? Reclaim your inbox, now!
incidentally I have 18 reasons why Thunderbird is better than Outlook Express, along with a further 5 reasons. If 23 reasons isn’t enough for you to switch then I don’t know what is…


  1. Does Thunderbird support the following yet (if so, I’ll switch):
    * Message Filter/rule to automatically forward on an email (with the option of keeping a copy)
    * Ability to change the Folder display size (when I tried TB last time, the “wasted space” between my many many folders got really annoying!)
    * The ability to set “Send plain text email by default” (I couldn’t see it last time I tested).

  2. I’m stuck with Outlook 2003 because I use Exchange (even at home). Though I do use Thunderbird for USENet now, instead of OE.

  3. You mentioned that Thunderbird allows the customising of the start page. I can see where you would do it, but I have yet to find any tutorials, samples, or ideas on how to create a new one. I would love to be able to emulate the “Outlook Today” page, with a list of upcoming calendar events and a todo list (from Sunbird, of course). 🙂

  4. Richy: As far as I know:
    Point 1 isn’t possible, although you can have TB copy messages to other folders on other accounts
    Point 2 is possible, if it’s what I think you mean
    Point 3 is definitely possible (Tools, Account Settings, Composition and Addressing, deselect ‘Compose Messages in HTML format’. It’s the first thing I do when installing TB)
    jxhndxe: That would be cool, wouldn’t it? 🙂 . Not sure how possible that would be though. Some more documentation would be nice; as you point out there’s a lack of it.

  5. allows you to create filters with autoforward and autoreply.