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  1. Got it. Love it.

  2. I’m using the Mozilla suite at the moment at work – are there any good reasons to switch to Firefox + Thunderbird? In particular, would performance improve?

  3. Pah, who needs a pretty gui for sending email? Command line all the way!
    Seriously though, since moving my main email account to gmail the only time I need to use an email client is when I have to modify the From address – and Thunderbird just wasn’t designed to let me do that. So ssh, mutt & vi it is.
    I guess I’ll upgrade Thunderbird for the minor accounts I’m still using though. It’s probably important I keep up to date with Thunderbird’s development – even if it is only once a week.

  4. One of the lecturers in Computing still uses Pine for her email… I suppose old habits die hard.
    Tom: It depends. I prefer the interfaces of Firefox and Thunderbird and there’s a few things like multiple identities in TB and the new plugin finder and extension manager in FX that the Mozilla Suite lacks. As for performance, I personally don’t notice a difference, but there are arguments over whether using FX+TB vs the Mozilla Suite offers better performance. I think the best thing to do is to try them yourself and see what you think.

  5. Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 released

    Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 has been released.
    Get it here

  6. Thunderbird 1.0

    Thunderbird 1.0 is out! Get it here. Via Neil…

  7. Firefox, Thunderbird and the Mozilla mess

    I gave up. Few weeks after my complaint about the Firefox affaire, I decided to switch from the Mozilla suite to Firefox (browser) and Thunderbird (mail, news and feed reader, version 1.0 just released).

  8. Did they add a whole bunch of bugs just before the 1.0 release like they did with FireFox? [grumble…]

  9. hi
    can u explain how to configure the mozilla thunderbird with Microsoft exchange server 2000/2003.
    i dont know the outgoing smtp server.

  10. No, I can’t. Try asking that question at the MozillaZine Forums.

  11. Well, I’ve tried upgrading to FX+TB now (I’ve been using Firefox for a long while at home so it’s really TB that’s the leap of faith).
    Both programs kept all my preferences etc. intact, which was a good start.
    It may just be my imagination, but Firefox in particular seems to be faster. Another advantage is that to keep my email ticking over I only need to have Thunderbird running instead of the whole suite. Also, the RSS feature in TB means I don’t need to load a separate RSS reader anymore, which must be worth a few processor cycles. And the new programs seem a lot more polished than the suite did. Most importantly, the icons are prettier.
    So, I’d say it’s worth the switch.

  12. Thunderbird 1.0

    Thunderbird 1.0 Released. Yesterday, after read in many different blogs, I downloaded the Thunderbird 1.0. A month ago I gave up to Outlook Express and I don’t want to use it again. I’m not trying Thunderbird, now it is my official email reader becaus…

  13. The outgoing SMTP server would be the (external) IP address of the Exchange server (in a standalone config), or of the IIS SMTP server in a frontend/backend Exchange configuration.
    Or if your ISP blocks outbound SMTP to servers that aren’t theirs, you’ll need to use your ISP’s SMTP server address.
    Don’t confuse POP/SMTP for Exchange, however. What Outlook will do standard POP/SMTP, Thunderbird will not do Exchange. Make sure you’re not connecting to a corporate email server.