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I’m now including a daily digest of links from Smaller World in the main RSS feed. I’ve noticed quite a few people do this with their links, so I went about trying to imitate it purely in MT.
While it’s not too difficult to paste a sideblog into an RSS feed, it is a little more difficult to do a ‘digest’, which in this case is one RSS item that contains all the entries from a particular day. The reason for this is that you don’t want the current day’s links to appear in there as this entry’s content will change throughout the day, thus annoying those people who read their subscriptions several times a day. Unfortunately MT’s features for specifying what days to show posts from is pretty limited – you can only select to show posts that are x number of days old. Therefore, I’m using the DateTags plugin, which gives you much, much more flexibility over when posts should be displayed based on their date. Thanks to that, I’ve been able to prevent the entries from the current day showing.
I then created a stub index template with the content and use an <$MTInclude$> tag in the main blog’s RSS feed to paste it in. MultiBlog then handles the rebuilding of the main blog when an entry is posted, though I already had this set up anyway for showing the 5 most recent Smaller World entries on the sidebar on the home page.
So, what do you think?


  1. I was wondering how that could be done in MT. I just figured since I was using FeedBurner anyway, I would just do that.

  2. It’s a good idea in theory. Well, i’m sure many will appreciate it. Its just, i’ve got so many god damn feeds on bloglines now, i’ve ended up with subjects repeated by ppl 20 times over in the space of 24 hours. haha.
    Well that is, i’ve had a quick looksee at the smaller world entries and everything has been covered elsewhere on my bloglines.
    Heck, to be honest i really need to bin some feeds, its taking upwards of an hour to scroll through all of them now. Bless my little heart, i always get carried away.

  3. Still using static templates, eh? Come over to the Dark Side, Neil. ^_^

  4. I’m using dynamic for the lesser-used templates but most of the indexes and the individual pages (like this one) are static. I prefer it that way 🙂 .

  5. Personally I don’t like it. I’ve JUST added you to my aggregator and I come back a few hours later and have 6 entries from this. I quickly dismissed all the quick link entries and skimmed this one to see that it was talking about the addition of the quick links to the RSS. I signed up for the main blog, I don’t want to be overrun with small link posts. You at least need an option.

  6. I actually like the faster rebuild times I get from the dynamic pages. The only downside is there are fewer plugins for it (for now), but every time I encounter a plugin I want that doesn’t have PHP support, I’ll write one. For example: Gravatar.

  7. Oh, excellent. That means I can now have Gravatars on the comments pages for Smaller World – they’re dynamic.
    As for rebuild times, once I made the category archives dynamic, rebuilds were much, much quicker. It’s not quite instantaneous but we’re talking at most 5 seconds which is fine by me.

  8. 5 seconds extra to rebuild a blog isn’t bad depending on the amount of posts/comments/miscellaneous blah you have.