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The small print

In yesterday’s Observer, BT had a half-page advert for their BT Broadband service. In big letters, it had:

For £17.99 a month, BT Broadband Basic is twice as fast as AOL Broadband Silver*

So then I looked at the tiny small print at the bottom of the advert, which read (emphasis mine):

AOL offer unlimited downloads and BT give you a 1GB per month usage allowance, deemed adequate by the vast majority of our users. BT Broadband Basic is a basic access only service and AOL Broadband Silver has other additional features such as email and anti-virus software.

Not looking so good now, is it. Personally I’d be more inclined to go with AOL’s package at 256Kbps than BT’s restricted 512Kbps based on that. But then I’d touch neither with a barge pole anyway.
incidentally, I learned from this ADSLGuide news item that the maximum amount of data that it is possible to download on a 512Kbps connection in one month is 170GB, and yet BT let you only download 0.6% of it per month. We’re on an unlimited 1Mbps connection here and typically end up using around 20GB per month.


  1. Well after downloading 700Mb last night, spending Christmas with BT broadband isn’t going to be much fun is it?
    Looks like I’m taking my laptop and camping outside the local school with wifi…

  2. They both look positively stupid compared to what uk online are offering. I keep visiting the site just to drewl. Checked my postcode and its available in S7 in January. woohoo!

  3. Hey Neil are you on Telewest or NTL? We’ve been with Telewest for the 3rd year in a row now, and have had no complaints (really). They upgraded our line from 1mb to 1.5mb sometime last year and guess what we’re getting for christmas… a few upgrade to 2mb. That’s download speeds of 256kb/sec. Woohoo.
    Unfortunately, at home we have BT Internet 512k. Although I can’t complain it was hard enough convincing my parent to upgrade from 56k! And it’s a bugger to network it with a USB modem… grrr

  4. Actually I’m on one of about 4 streets in the whole of Bradford without cable, so we get ADSL from PlusNet (hence the PlusNet adverts…). They’re pretty good, no complaints so far.