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This post is a collection of small things that on their own aren’t worthy of individual posts but that I’d like to share anyway.

  • I checked on the order status of the Family Guy Season Three DVD on and found out they were out of stock. So, thanks to your comments, I cancelled the order and bought it a pound cheaper at who also have it in stock. Should arrive this week.
  • Hopefully by this time tomorrow I’ll have my new mobile phone, a Nokia 7250. A friend is selling it to me second-hand, to replace my Sony Ericsson T300. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the 7250 does have an integrated camera instead of a plug-in one that I never remember to take with me. It’s also smaller and has an FM radio.
  • Took some photos in Bradford today, again – here they all are. It was really sunny today with barely a cloud in the sky, though obviously being December and Bradford it was still very cold.
  • I’m now running moox’s optimised Firefox M3 build, which makes it a little faster. There are several builds for different processors, M3 happens to be the one that offers the best performance on mine.
  • Speaking of performance improvements, it appears that Java 5.0 is somewhat faster than 1.4.2 on my machine. I upgraded today and the various Java things I’ve tried seem to start up much faster.
  • And while we’re on Java, I’m now using Azureus as my primary BitTorrent client. While I personally don’t like it due to the kitchen sink nature of its interface, it seems to work better than ABC which for some reason would only let me download/seed one torrent at a time. Since switching, my share rating on UKNova is much, much healthier.
  • These next two weeks are going to be very, very busy. I have a presentation to do on Wednesday, a milestone for my final year project tomorrow, a PHP system to write for a group project for next Monday, an essay on software patents in for a week on Friday, plus I have a whole scattering of meetings to go to. That, and there’s promotions on every day of the week at the union’s bars between now and next Friday…


  1. Azureus rocks! I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and can’t live without it.
    My only complaint with it is that I wish it had better settings for upload and download limits. I don’t like to saturate my upload bandwidth so I set it to 20kbps, but that limits the number of downloads it does automatically. I wind up forcing downloads to get more downloads at a time.

  2. The goat weathervane on top of Midland Mills is a reference to the fact that Midland Mills deals with Mohair which is derived from goats. Very unusually I think Midland Mills is still a textile company, there’s not many left from Bradford’s wool trade. These days Bradford is more likely to make money from optical fibres than woollen fibres.
    p.s. There we go I’m not a Lurker anymore.
    p.p.s. The quip about fibres is a reference to a sculpture I like not far from the weathervane. So there’s a photo challenge for you Neil 🙂

  3. Michael: Done! Got a photo of it last summer. I probably need to upload those to Flickr at some point.

  4. Sorry you’re ending up with a Nokia, but does that mean you have a T300 for sale? I could do with a new phone, mine’s missing five buttons now.