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US Dollar going down the toilet?

When Clinton was in power, I remember the pound being worth around $1.40. 5 years on and the US dollar is, at the time of writing worth much, much less – £1 now translates to almost $1.95 ($1.94379 to be precise). The Guardian also reports that the US dollar hit an all-time low against the Euro.
On the one hand, this is good news for me – stuff in America is now a lot cheaper and this includes things like shareware – 5 years ago WinZip would have cost over £20, now it’ll cost less than £15. On the other hand, it means my earnings from Google Adsense are worth somewhat less – in the time since I joined (less than a month ago), they’ve depreciated in value by about £5.
They way things are going, we’re not far off a 2 dollar pound.
Update: Japan is threatening to sell off its dollar reserves if the dollar doesn’t rebound.


  1. Unfortunately Google charge in GB Pounds and pay out in US Dollars on their advertising. So it’s really not good news at all for me.

  2. But it’s great for us ex-pat brits who still get paid in pounds
    a crisp £10 in your pocket and you can live like a king

  3. On the bright side, this does mean I’m less tempted to import Britcom DVDs for myself when I should be thinking Christmas gifts. I just hope it rebounds after the start of the year.

  4. I don’t about you guys, but I am losing thousands of $$$ per transaction.Any expert remarks about the RISE of the dollar? I’d appreciate any remarks about the previously almighty USD!