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Block this domain

If it isn’t already, make sure is on your comment/trackback spam blacklists. When I came back from Cardiff on Thursday an attack featuring this domain had just started (with over 20 pings) and this persisted right through yesterday. Thankfully after those 20 or so it was blacklisted so none of the pings actually appeared but I imagine it will have put some considerable strain on the server. The attack ceased last night with 700 pings having been filtered from that domain alone.
The domain is in Jay Allen’s Master Blacklist so you should have it in your blacklists by now but if not you may want to add it to be sure. has also been a domain that has cropped up a fair amount lately, with 46 denials.
incidentally seems to be connected with various other domains that I’ve been hit with recently – it has a very similar IP address. As such, I’ve also manually added which is also hosted in that IP range in case it’s used for spamming in future. The other domains all appear to be blocked by my blacklist.


  1. i’ve actually added generic terms into my url patterns in Blacklist, this includes pics, pictures, amateurs etc. and seems to be catching a lot of the spam out…

  2. Yes, I’ve done that as well.