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FridayQ: Blogged

Oooh, a FridayQ on Blogging… Here goes:

Which entry in your blog is your favorite so far and why is that?

There’s a few, but my most favourite would probably be my tour of the new features in Firefox 0.9 from back in June. It took a long time to put together (well over an hour), but seemed to be worth it as it got lots of exposure. The entry got trackbacked 26 times, before they got turned off after 2 months, which means it counts for nearly 5% of all the trackback pings I have received to date.

Which entry in your blog has gotten you the most attention and why do you think that is?

The Firefox entry was certainly one of them, along with my tour of the then newly-released Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition. I’d like to think it’s because no-one else had done anything like that and they were good – with this blog I try to achieve success by creating good, unique content and those would be two good examples. I just wish I still had the free time that those sorts of entries demand.
On my sideblog this entry also attracted lots of comments, mainly becuase it decended into a Republicans vs Democrats argument.

Which entry in your blog do you feel was overlooked and why should people have read it?

Some of my political entries about student funding seemed a bit overlooked, especially those from last year. It’s a subject I’m quite passionate about, as you may have gathered.

FQ REVEAL: Which entry in your blog do you think is most indicative of who you are and what makes it so?

Pretty much anything in the Randomness category, really. It’s full of random outbursts, brain barfs and things that don’t really belong anywhere.

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