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  1. Good Heavens man, you are indeed insane. I did a similar thing a few years ago in London though, I had to get on the coach at 5am. That wasn’t pleasant 😐

  2. Ouch. Hope you got there safely and that you enjoy it.

  3. 3am is stupid time. Wake up 3am (go sleep at midnight), be in taxi by 4.45am, be on train by 5.15am (and stopped en route for 20 minutes for unknown reason), be at Heathrow by 9am, be in Tokyo 14hours later in need of a) a very long relaxing sleep and b) some idea what the time is…
    Bit worrying when you actually look at the figures though – Leicester->London, 4 hours, London->Frankfurt 2.5hours and a lot longer distances… Public transport in the UK is very very slow and unreliable IMHO

  4. 5am isn’t that early! I’m up at 6am every day to catch a bus by 7am to get into College for 9am.

  5. 6 am, sounds familliar to me :/ I do to have to wake up every morning. I start my classes at college at 7:30 am every morning.