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Letting them know it’s Christmas Time

Apple have reached an agreement with Band Aid and therefore the Band Aid 20 song is available from the iTunes Music Store. Like all other songs it costs 79p, but Apple will donate an extra 70p for every download.
The kind, caring side of me made me download it, but the side of me that has musical taste may make me delete it after a while; I don’t know. I’ll give it a few more listens first.
Unfortunately, having a somewhat less-tangible version of the song means I can’t take part in Band Aid Dilemma site. Oh well.


  1. You could always burn it to a cd and throw darts at it.
    For some strange reason i bought a wma video of it. haha, woah is me.

  2. Did i say wma? I mean wmv natually.
    Does commenting on your own comments count towards the comment makers hit parade?

  3. It wasn’t great the first time I heard it, but it’s growing on me. Sadly, it’s growing in the same way an abcess does. I think I’d quite like to take part in the Band Aid Dilemma though.
    100,000 copies in the first day can’t be all bad!

  4. The kind, caring side of me doesn’t care for crappy pop no matter where it goes and I will not be guiltified into consumerism. As I was concerned for the future of the world with all these people soon due to be consuming this CD, I checked the RIAA Radar: It’s not good. Neil, you payed for the destruction of fair use and related rights across the world.
    You also payed for a cover of Do They Know it’s Christmas.

  5. True, but it’s hard to avoid the RIAA unless the music you like is out of the mainstream.
    As for acronyms, you don’t need to use <acronym> tags or manually escape smart quotes – the CMS is smart enough to look after those itself.

  6. Well, I’m happy

    On another note, thanks to Neil’s World for the following link:
    Band Aid Dilemma. You want to buy the new Band Aid song to support the good cause behind it but you don’t actually want to listen to it as the song is a terrible version of a great so…