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You may vaguely remember me writing about a site review I was doing for a coursework assignment. Well, I promised to make it available for everyone to read at some point, and since the deadline has now passed, here it is. Might be of interest if you’re into HCI or web design.


  1. Unbelieveably, and unnanounced, and without rhyme or reason, I’m back.
    I’m now going to search for tha comments I made about ex Bradford bloggers via a web based feed reader.

  2. Strange thing happened last night. Did my usual check to see if I could see this page yet, and by magic, I could. Tesco had allowed me in.
    Tried to show my wife a little later and I was back to nothing again.
    Very frustrating.
    Enjoy Cardiff.

  3. The link doesn’t seem to be working?

  4. Thomas: The link works fine for me. The university was having network trouble yesterday morning, however – that might have been why you couldn’t connect.