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Luckily there’s a Family Guy…

Screengrab from an episode of Family Guy I’m now the proud owner of seasons one and two of Family Guy on DVD, with season 3 on order. HMV have a buy-one-get-one free offer on a lot of DVDs right now, which, combined with my student discount meant I got the first two seasons for £22.50. Then, thanks to Froogle, I found which has season 3 for £10 including delivery, which I’ve just ordered. Admittedly I could have saved £2.50 by buying the first two from there, but, heh.
For some reason they’re selling the box set of all 3 seasons for £50, which is silly since you can buy each one separately for a total of £30. Sure, you don’t get the extra features, but come on… £20 for an extra features disc?
The success of Family Guy in the UK is a little surprising as, as far as I know, it hasn’t been broadcast on any TV channels here. Most people I know who like it have heard about it through word of mouth, or they’ve seen it in the US. Still, it’s a great series and well worth the money to buy the discs.


  1. Family Guy was definitely broadcast on terrestrial TV in the UK, although perhaps only the first series — my recollection is that it was in a 6pm slot on either BBC2 or Channel Four, but that could be wrong. But it’s definitely been broadcast. I think. 🙂

    Harrumph. 😛

  3. David: Maybe it was then… Oh well, blame my poor memory.
    Kim: 😀

  4. It was definately shown on SKY, tuesdays at 8pm was the semi-regular timeslot

  5. I have Season 1 & 2 on DVD, love ’em. Now I just need to get the Futurama collection and life will be good 🙂

  6. Oops! Looks like you haven’t heard of the wonderful though evil website They have each series for £8.99… delivered! Please don’t get addicted to the site like our house has!
    I personally got the boxset a while ago (in March!) from and have just started watching it through again after watching all episodes from my Futurama DVDs!. One a night should last a fair while.
    You know Fox have “uncancelled” the show, the fist time in history a show has been uncancelled. Due to the success of the DVD sales. Now if only they’ll bring back Futurama and get rid of the dry Simpsons!

  7. Neil, did you not see’s current offer? Each season is available for £8.99 each. I’ve already bough Seasons 1 and 2, and I’ll get Season 3 before the offer runs out, hopefully.

  8. I recall it being on Sky One at one time. But it has definitely been broadcasted on UK TV before.

  9. Doh! Oh well, so I could have saved a fiver… never mind.

  10. Now that’s going on my Christmas list! All three please 😀

  11. Season 3 is da bomb! 😀

  12. ]Family Guy was looped quite a bit on Sky actually, but it might have been on Paramount rather than Sky One.. can’t remember. is excellent, and first port of call if *shock horror* ebay hasn’t got it.
    I wuv ebay, I wuv it I do.

  13. What’s up with the buddy-icons on comments? How did you configure that?

  14. Nevermind — figured it out. 😛

  15. I was going to mention the deal, but seems I’ve been beaten to it! 😉

  16. I live in Canada and the show is on twice a night, everynight. The series is great and I own Seasons One, Two, and Three on DVD. The show has been “uncancelled” and will run on FOX Network for Season Four. Im looking forward to buying the DVD of Season Four.
    -Family Guy #1 Fan

  17. Hello, I’m from the uk and i am 12. I love family guy and I have seasons 2&3 and i want 1&4. There is another website which is really good for family guy stuff. I’ve got my own family guy e-mail address for instance. The website is:

  18. I only discovered Family Guy recently and I love it.I own seasons 1&2 on DVD and am buying season 3 on Saturday.I just saw on a website that the new series will be on sky channel 289 from 13th Jan in the UK.It did get aired on Sky One,far better than the Simpsons.