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Christmas Shopping in Leeds

Giant bauble

Yesterday was my mum’s birthday so today I met my parents in Leeds for lunch at Bibis – a really nice Italian restaurant off Criterion Place. Although it’s underneath a multi-storey car park inside it has been very well furbished, with a somewhat over-the-top art-deco-type-style going on. It’s not cheap but the food is awesome and it’s definitely an experience.

After that I did a bit of Christmas shopping but also took my camera and got some interesting photos of the city centre. They’re all in this Flickr photo set but my favourite is the one I’ve used as a thumbnail on this entry. View it full size to see why.


  1. Well done, on your first picture you’ve managed to take a picture of my friend Tall Pall and his girlfriend 🙂

  2. Theres a really amazing teppanyaki place in leeds thats definately well worth going to, you have to go with a crowd though otherwise you’d probably feel a bit exposed.
    Unfortunately I can’t remember what its called or whereabouts it is (don’t know leeds all that well). Was a down the stairwell into a basement type of affair.