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Top 20 commenters

It’s been a while since I posted the ‘comment leaders’ – those that post the most comments on the site. After a bit of database cleanup (basically ensuring that people were using the same email addresses), I got these results:

  1. Andy (177)
  2. Quanta (138)
  3. Richy C. (118)
  4. Kim (91)
  5. Richard (80)
  6. Chris (63)
  7. Dave (59)
  8. Jake Ortman (53)
  9. Hanni
  10. Chris Burkhardt (46)
  11. Mike Wills (45)
  12. Ciaran (42)
  13. Dave (41)
  14. Sian (39)
  15. Ken Edwards (37)
  16. troworld (35)
  17. Daisy (33)
  18. Harry (31)
  19. Arvind (28)
  20. Richard (26)

If you’re on that list, thanks for keeping the comment areas interesting, and keep on commenting. 🙂
Update: Gargh, I realised that I hadn’t counted some variations of people’s email addresses so after a bit of consolidation Ciaran moves up a few places and Harry enters the top 20.


  1. You spelled my name wrong. Mike not Mik. I will forgive you! 😉
    Now I have 45!

  2. Glad to see that I’m still top – I wish I knew what happened to Chris – I know he was suffering health problems – I hope he recovered though.

  3. Mike: Actually that would have been you spelling your name wrong – it was pulled from an SQL query 😉 . I can correct though, if you wish. 🙂

  4. Just to let you know, it’s probably best if you link to rather than as I don’t update that journal any more. 😀
    Thanks, though!

  5. Oh, wait, I get it. SQL queries. Yeah.
    Okay, so what do I get if you add all my various identities together? 😀

  6. If you were counting the number of times I’ve thought “Hmm, that’s interesting, well done Neil” I’d be up in the 4 figures by now ;-0))