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FridayQ: Unthankful

This was hard as I could have easily used Dave’s answers here and they’d still be true for me. Including the spandex bit…

Name one thing you are thankful for that is kind of a silly thing to be thankful about.

My iPod Mini. Though I suppose I could thank myself for buying it…

Name two things other people seem to be thankful for which you are not.

British Immigration laws. University tuition fees.

Name three things that don’t currently exist which you would be thankful for if they did.

An IT system for managing students that doesn’t suck. A law against incitement of homophobic hatred. A way of delivering an electric shock to anyone who sends me spam email.

FQ THANKFUL: Forget about thanking others, what’s something everybody else should be thankful to YOU for?

For being unable to say “no” when someone asks if I can fix their computer.

One Comment

  1. OMG, that is my biggest pet hate at the moment. I should go on grumpy old men about it.
    Every single god damn time i tell someone what i do they respond with “oh my computer’s gone really slow and i can’t get on the internet anymore, do you know what i need to do?”
    Think i might tell ppl i’m a farmer instead.