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NUS National Demo, December 2nd

Next Thursday, I’m off to the NUS National Demonstration in Cardiff. We’re protesting against possible plans to introduce top-up fees in Welsh universities, which would mean undergraduate students may have to pay fees of up to £3000 per year instead of the current capped fees of just over £1000. Despite heavy campaigning the British Government just managed to push a similar policy through for English universities which means that students in England will have to pay those fees from 2006. We want to make sure that the case in England is the exception, not the rule.
If you’re a student at Bradford then there is subsidised transport to the protest on the day – all you need to pay is a £3 deposit to the union reception which you will get back if you turn up on the day. I’m sure other unions will have similar arrangements. Please join us; I went to the demo in London last year and it was good fun. If anything, you’ll get to see NUS president Kat Fletcher who’s quite attractive. 😉
Further details are at the NUS National Demo information page, including details of the route of the demonstration. Hopefully I’ll see you there.


  1. Errm, isn’t that **December** 2nd?

  2. Er… doesn’t the concept of English students having any say in the funding of Welsh universities rather undermine the concept of Welsh autonomy (which I personally regard as more important)?
    Yes, English students are likely to be future ‘clients’ of Welsh institutions, but I still think that’s missing the point.

  3. Errr… (just to carry on the trend…)
    LordRich: Yes, it is. It’s probably my mind thinking “It can’t be nearly December already, can it?”
    NRT: It’s a good point, I suppose. As far as I know though it is being organised by NUS Wales but other institutions are invited. Like with the demo in London where there were unions from Wales and Scotland there too, even if it didn’t affect them directly.

  4. NRT: You’re missing the point. Its about British student solidarity.

  5. No, I still regard it as interference in an exclusively Welsh issue.
    Rather than clutter up Neil’s comments further 😉 I’d better refer people on to my own blog entry on the subject.

  6. did anybody c the manchester banner? wat an awesome banner, i wish our banner was half as good as theirs. but i herd that sum thieving bastards from lancaster stole it