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Serious spam hammering

In the past 3 days I’ve had over 1100 comment spam denials. When you consider that since I last reset MT-Blacklist in August, I’ve had a total of around 2800 denials, you get some idea of just how badly the server has been hammered over the past few days.
By browsing the database and sorting its output, I’ve been able to get a list of the strings which generate the most hits. These are:

  1. (651)
  2. (580)
  3. (461)
  4. (236)
  5. (59)

There are also a number of regular expressions and URL patterns which generate many more denials.
It would appear that the first three are related – although their WHOIS data is different they all point to web sites in the same IP range.


  1. Thanks, I have added the missing domains on my site. I was just hit by #1 myself.

  2. Yeah, the comment spam has been particularly bad for me as well in the last few days. Granted, not nearly as many as you had, but I think I had to clean out about 100 or so myself in the last week. Thats a pretty high number for me considering I am using blosxom.