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We’ve hit a crisis in the house – we’re all out of toilet paper.
Update: It’s alright, we have some more. We’re civilised again.
Photography notes: Taken with the flash off in a well-lit room, then used IrfanView to convert the image to greyscale and reduce the contrast.


  1. Agh! Emergency! All I can recommend is that you use
    a) Kitchen towel
    b) Newspaper or
    c) Someone else’s flannel (but only if you really don’t like them)

  2. Or, if you’re really desperate, use the cardboard roll.

  3. Personally, I have an “emergency roll” of novelty toilet paper (“Seaside postcard” type stuff). It’s not the best toilet paper and it’s too funny “just to waste” so that helps keep it for emergency usage only.
    Newspaper is meant to be ok. Either that or save your self buying newspaper in the future and get a bidet unit that fits on top of the loo!
    Good photo though!

  4. Or collect a few of those, scotch them end on end, and you can play Cardboard Tube Samurai.

  5. You can also use a dish towel. Better than throwing away use-once tissues.