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Bradford University Bloggers

When I started at Bradford 2 years ago, I never imagined that there’d be anyone else there who had a weblog. I’ve been proved wrong, and it now looks like there’s quite a few. Other than me, here are the following others who are bloggers and students at the University of Bradford that I know of:

  • Richard Kirkcaldy – E-commerce Technologies (final year)
  • Andy Rogers – Computer Science (placement year)
  • Tom Adams – Computer Science (first year)
  • Trevor Morris – Internet Product Design (final year)
  • Chris Wells – Multimedia Computing (final year)

Am I missing anyone?
You know, there’s almost enough of us for a meetup…
incidentally, of the above, 3 are using CMSes that they’ve written themselves. Maybe that’s saying something.


  1. And that’s not even getting into those of us who had the fortune/misfortune to attend Bradford University back in the early days…

  2. I still can’t get to you from home, so I’m, at the library today.
    How about EX Bradford University Bloggers.
    Now I see Badly Dubbed Boy, I see there is potential.

  3. Neil, I’d be rather interested in starting my own blog, to relay information about my current whereabouts and such. What solution would you recommend, considering that I’d need the ability to categorize posts and the fact that the universe is flat?

  4. If you’re starting out, I’d suggest TypePad – you’ll have to pay some money but it’s really easy to use.
    If you want a hosted solution, then WordPress or Movable Type are both worth looking at. WordPress is probably better for newbies because it’s a lot easier to install, but MT is also very good and it’s what I’ve been using here for a long time now.