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Firefox for Brits

I say old chaps, those good eggs at Mozilla have released a British English version of Firefox 1.0. It’s awfully spiffy, as one might say.
Now if only those dastardly people at Microsoft would do the same the world would a much more joyous place, what what?


  1. I’m afraid I wouldn’t see the light, old chap, if Microsoft released Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 British English Edition.

  2. Cor Blimey,
    This is wonderful news, Guv! Downloading it as I type this message.
    Firefox Fan

  3. So, what, it has “colour” instead of “color”?

  4. Yes, and also identifies itself as ‘en-gb’ instead of ‘en-us’ when you visit web sites, so you’re more likely to get the UK version of some sites instead of the US version.
    It’s not a huge difference I know, but it’s the tought that counts.

  5. You’ve just gotta love an organization that respects other countries’ language and cultural differences, even when its just “across the pond.”

  6. Gosh darn, so there is. It’s a shame there’s no Linux version, though. 🙁

  7. Ciaran, there is a Linux version. And a Mac OS X one.