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Neat Windows trick

Thanks to Joel, I now know that you can press Ctrl+C when Windows pops up an error message and have the text of that message copied to the clipboard.
So, this error message…
Windows popup error message
…becomes this…

Save changes to setuplog.txt?
Yes   No   Cancel

You learn something new every day.


  1. What I’m interested in is how *he* found out about it. Just a lucky guess?

  2. Swweeeeet. I’ll remember that for my Windows endeavors. Best pass that nugget of information to my co-workers at the Helpdesk – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. 🙂

  3. troworld: Could be, but remember that Joel used to be a Microsoft employee. Maybe he was the one who put it there ;).

  4. Now if only somebody would write a plugin that changes it so ctrl-c maps to cancel – oh wait, this isn’t Firefox.

  5. Dang this is a neat trick. It could be a debugging hook for QA (or maybe not).

  6. I found that out before. I think I posted about it some time, but I can’t remember.
    I myself got it by accident. But it is a really cool feature, I agree.

  7. Neil: As far as I know he was working on Excel’s macros. I doubt he fiddled around with such things as dialog windows across the OS.

  8. LordRich: what, the Escape key not good enough for ya? (And I think you mean extension, rather than plugin.)

  9. Neat Windows Trick

    When somebody’s calling me with a computer problem, or they see an error on their screen, they’ll usually tell me something generic like “I got this error on my screen.”…