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What geek decade are you?

Another pointless poll found via Ryan:

I’m A 1990s Geek

Cool, confident, and very powerful, you’re the sexiest geek ever! Buckle in, your decade is one hell of a ride.

find your geek decade at

That has to be about the only time I’ve been called sexy.
Oh, and congratulations to Arvind for posting the 3000th comment on this blog.


  1. What Geek Decade Am I?

    The “Geek Decade Quiz”: tells me I’m a 90’s geek.

  2. I’m A 1960s Geek
    You’re pretty quirky and weird but we know you’re smart and love you anyway!
    find your geek decade at

  3. I’m a 1950’s Geek: “You’re smart… and also slightly maniacal. There’s just no hiding plots for world domination, sorry.”

  4. On and on an unrelated note, Neil, I can (finally) get to your blog from my office now. Don’t know what the problem was but hopefully it’s fixed now.

  5. I’m A 1990s Geek

    Find your geek decade at (via Neil’s World)…