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I Like Snow Today we had the first snowfall of the season. Admittedly it was only a light sprinkling – no sledging, snowmen or road closures – but enough to get photos like the one on the left.
The only thing that disturbs me is that this first snowfall is in the middle of November. Usually it’s well into December before it starts snowing. But, I like snow, and more of it isn’t a bad thing in my eyes.
I also like Christmas too. If it’s a White Christmas this year I may well explode.


  1. Literally explode? I know it’d be good to get a white Christmas, but no need to go that far!

  2. Not literally. That would get messy and destroy the whiteness aspect of a White Christmas.


  4. Sorry. Do you want me to post it back to you?

  5. Do you know what, i’m not sure if there has actually been a white christmas during my lifetime. I’ve dreamed of what it must be like, i’m sure it must complete the day in a way nothing else could, something magical to look forward to perhaps.

  6. We do to have snow in Poland now. It’s been falling since last night. I’m not so happy about that, cause I came back home yesterday for a weekend and left all my warm clothes :/

  7. ummmm – the picture is on the right 🙂
    We had a fair amount of snow last night and today its gloriously sunny (but freezing cold)

  8. So long as it is not a white christmas eve – I have to drive across the country that afternoon.